Fire season is in full swing as Saturday marked the first red flag warning day of the year, as designated by the National Weather Service.

There were two brush fires in the area Saturday, one near Red Rock Road, and one in Smith Valley. These come after the Piper fire Friday that burned more than 300 acres north of Silver Springs.

The first major fire of the season, the Chaves fire, sparked last Sunday from target shooting. Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District wants everyone to avoid target shooting near potential fuel.

"Target shooting in the hills, that's a no-go situation," TMFPD Captain Josh Kutz says. "We don't want to have any accidents like that."

Kutz stresses the importance of taking precautions when doing anything that can create sparks.

 "If you out using an ATV, a UTV, any off-road vehicle, spark arrestors are huge." Kutz says, "If you out having campfires put a grate over the top of it. Bring a shovel and some water with you.

Kutz says open burning is not allowed for the rest of summer and beyond. He says open burning is usually allowed again near the end of October. He understands people want to enjoy the outdoors, for many it's why they live in the area. Still, fires are the most prevalent "natural disaster" in our area, even if it's not always a natural cause.

"You got to be heads up you got to be safe," we want everybody to have fun enjoy the outdoors and all the area has to offer but be safe in doing it, we're coming into red flag season."

Powerlines have started multiple small fires in the last week or so. If you see or here any sparking, don't hesitate to call the fire department.