A candidate for the state legislature is raising concerns over a flood of money fighting against her. The problem is that there is no clear answer as to why the money is coming in.

A political action committee, Healthy Nevada PAC, is supporting a number of candidates in state races. This PAC is funded by the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America Better Government Committee.

So far in 2018, they have pumped $300,000 into the election. The PAC is now purchasing mailers and social media advertisements, supporting candidates in a number of Nevada races. This includes Deonne Contine in Assembly District 24.

There are four democrats running in this race. Deonne Contine, Sarah Peters, Edward Coleman and Tom Stewart. Incumbent, Amber Joiner, is not seeking re-election, and there is no other party candidate. So, the winner of the primary on Tuesday will take the legislative seat.

With the potential for tens of thousands of dollars, Peters says it puts her and others at a disadvantage.

We reached out to the Contine campaign. They tell us that they don't know why the PAC chose to start supporting them either. So, we asked the Secretary of State's office to clear things up.

Officials say PAC's supporting candidates, without the candidate knowing, is relatively normal.

For Nevada state races, the money only needs to be reported if the PAC is coordinating with the candidate, which is not the case here.