Police have recovered a truck stolen from Custom Truck Accessories in Reno.

The business gave us their security footage which shows the thief getting in the truck and ramming their gate with the custom red Dodge truck. It's valued at around $100,000.

They're not sure how he got it to start. Employees were thankful Reno Police found the truck within hours of it being stolen, less than a mile from the business.

"Your heart drops when you have a customer that trusts you and you've been working with so long and you seen something that they've been putting their personal time into and you've been putting your personal time into just disappear so quickly.  And they really saved the day." Caleb Parker, manager at Custom Truck Accessories, said.

Police are still looking for who stole the ruck, though he didn't take anything from it. Custom Trucks is working on repairing their gate.

If you know anything that can help, call or text Secret Witness at (775) 322-4900.