Pool season is pretty much here with the exception of this coming weekend. So what can we expect this summer season? 

Well the forecast gets tougher to predict with time, but the Climate Prediction Center shows a good chance of a warmer than normal June and an almost equal chance for a dry or wet month. 

The average high in June for Reno is about 83 degrees, and then it goes up to 92 degrees in July. Going into the next ten days or so it shows a warming trend with highs at or at least a few degrees above average.

2017 was rather hot with sixteen days in the triple digits from June through August, so let's hope this year won't be quite as toasty. While July is usually the hottest month for us there have been some years where half the the month was below 85 degrees. This happened in 1986 and again in 1993.

As we get later in the summer season our chances for tropical moisture to move in here gets higher. Usually tropical storms in the Eastern Pacific Ocean will veer off to the west, but if they take a northerly track through Baja it gives us a better chance for seeing rain here at home.This has actually happened on a few drought years, where we had a dry winter but a wet summer. 

The tropical outlook for this year in the Pacific calls for a twenty percent chance of a less than average season and 80 percent chance of near normal or above, and 45 percent for solely above.Years 2013, 2014, and 2015 were wet summers but not all of the rain was from tropical moisture.