United Blood Services officials are putting out the call for donors, hoping to boost the blood supply over the summer, when donations typically drop off.

This time of year, when the usual donor base is on vacation, it's a little harder to fill the shelves, but the need for donated blood doesn't go away.

"Twenty percent of the blood we collect comes from colleges and high schools," UBS Communications Director Scott Edward said, "And so as soon as those semesters end, that support for a couple of months a year goes away."

Edward said they need about 150 donors every day to keep the hospitals supplied, because emergencies don't slow down over the summer. They need every blood type and donors just have to be healthy, at least 16 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds.

Donors we met Monday said there are a lot of great reasons to donate.

"I found out years ago that blood was important," Reno donor Charlotte Garber said, "And then I found out that platelets were even more important for people that have leukemia and different types of things and it's needed about every week for a lot of people in our area."

"It makes me feel wonderful," Reno donor Mary Strahan said. "It's just like recycling. You have to do it!"

Those who donate during the month of June will be entered for a chance to win a new Harley Davidson, donated by Chester's of Reno.

If you can't make it in June, Channel 2 News is hosting the annual Give 2 Live blood drive on July 10-11, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Atlantis. To make an appointment for July 10, click here. For July 11, click here.