It was a quiet day in Washoe Valley with nothing but the faint sound of chirping in the distance when we met Christie Braun. Overlooking her farm, there is no other place the third-generation Nevada farmer would rather be.

Christie, her husband, Dustin, and their two children are no strangers to hard work.

"We bought this farm three years ago and we raise all of our Berkshire pigs here."

They also have plenty of chickens who keep their egg baskets full, which is ideal in their farmhouse kitchen.

"I love to cook,” shares Christie. “I love to source local ingredients."

Imagine her surprise when she received a meal kit delivery - by mistake - last year.

"I was pulling out the ingredients and I thought, ‘well, this is neat.’ But in this particular box - my mushrooms were from China."

Since Christie's family already sells pork shares, she considered creating meals for families with local foods. After all, her business already delivers milk and cheese from Sandhill Dairy in Fallon and area honey, too.

"This is some red-leaf lettuce for the salad we're going to be serving with our pork,” Christie says as she pulls the bushel out of the insulated “Our Local Basket” box. The greens and veggies come from Dayton Valley Aquaponics. If need be, they will also fill boxes with produce from just over the hill in Auburn.  Of course, the protein comes from her farm and the farm of her father’s in Fallon.

"It's gorgeous. We even butcher in Reno as well. We use Wolf Pack Meats and Ponderosa Meat and Provision Co."

Each “Our Local Basket” box is filled with two complete meals and you can pick between two, four and six servings. Along with tasting good, the meals are also easy to make.

“You're just dumping. You'll cut a little bit, but these are basic, basic recipes."

You can also order produce baskets online.

"We deliver every Wednesday to Sparks, Carson City, Reno and Gardnerville." It's clean eating that's as close to the source as possible. "It's not traveling clear across the country."

The best part is the delicious dinners are delivered by your Nevada neighbors.