The Davis Creek Regional Park campgrounds were booked solid for Memorial Day weekend, and Sunday campers were out enjoying trails and the nearby pond.

Some say it was nice after bad weather Saturday.

"Oh man, yesterday we were drenched at nighttime," Reno resident Mike Edwards says. "This morning it was absolutely beautiful."

"It's been really stormy and rainy which is good because we need the rain," Reno resident Cameron Regan says. "But it's kind of gloomy."

"We got poured on last night," Pleasant Valley resident Brigitte Holcomb says. "But it's nice today."

For some families, Memorial Day celebration are a tradition. For Regan, it was a chance to introduce an old tradition to a new family member.

"We haven't been in a few years," Regan says. "But we got my little two year old niece out here, and wanted to get her out and get the family together and just do something fun."

Many families say they have personal connections to Memorial Day, but all take a little extra time to reflect on their opportunity to have such a fun weekend with the ones they love.

"To honor all those folks that lost their lives to give us a right to enjoy this beautiful land of ours, we always try to make here to Davis Creek."

"It's about being together with your family and going outdoors and enjoying our time together."

"I'm speechless," Sparks resident Shianne Price, 10, says. "It's just a lot of fun, and I love being with my family."

While most spend the weekend spending quality time with loved ones and having fun, many campers know they have these freedoms and privileges, thanks to the sacrifice of service members.

"Not for a three day holiday," Holcomb says. "It's actually for them. There's more to it."

"I go to veteran's day things, I go to the parades," South Lake Tahoe resident Cole Sotler says. "I'm always saying thank you for support our troops. It really means a lot to me."

"Our troops fought hard for our country," Wisconsin resident Anthony Daugherty. "So I'm very proud."

I love honoring everybody who gave their life for our country," Price says. "Because it's a big deal."