Nevada's first major league professional sports franchise has done the improbable. Against all odds the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team has clinched a spot in the Stanley Cup Final.

"The excitement level, especially here in the last 2 weeks, has really been high,” said Randy Wike, Director of Marketing at Baldini’s.

"We get a huge crowd in here to watch every game,” said Marc Nelson, Manager of the Atlantis Race and Sports Book.

But all eyes aren't just on the T.V. screens at the sports books; a lot of attention is on the red and green reader boards as well.

“We saw a lot more interest in hockey in general but certainly the Knights dominated as far as the betting went,” said Nelson.

Thus far, that's spelled good news for the bettor, especially when the Knights win. However, it could potentially be bad news for the books, if the Knights take home a championship.

“I certainly don't want to say we're rooting against the Golden Knights but from a financial standpoint, maybe a little bit,” said Nelson.

At the start of the NHL season, the Atlantis sports book opened the Golden Knights with 100-1 odds to win the Stanley Cup. Nelson says a few people put money on that wager.

“Still yet to be decided whether they win the Stanley Cup or not but that could put a dent into a lot of sports book profits for the year,” said Nelson

But nothing is yet set in stone. The only thing for sure is that Reno is ready to watch Vegas play.

"There's a little edge on their side, they're going to go all out and we’re hoping that they win,” said Wike.

The Vegas Golden Knights will play the winner of the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning.