Washoe County says crews will continue to monitor area roads after a drainage ditch got clogged in Lemmon Valley in Wednesday's storms. 

Washoe County says its road crews "were prepared, and the rains did not produce any issues over and above what was expected. While we did not have any major flooding, crews did experience some localized clogged drainages in a few areas of the county which were cleared promptly." 

One of the areas affected was on Idaho Street and Lemmon Drive in Lemmon Valley

"Pumps are in operation and barriers remain up in Lemmon Valley, and this remains one of the many areas we will continue to monitor throughout the current weather pattern."

Viewer Chris Tokarz took a video of flooding through a construction site from Military Road to Hydraulic Avenue.

The project is for an industrial park being built along Lemmon Drive. The developer tells us the water delayed construction by about a week.

KTVN Meteorologist Jeff Martinez says the storm system has shifted a little further east and that will cut down our rain chances to the 30% range on Thursday. 

Washoe County also says due to our recent rainstorms, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District will allow pile burning of green waste this Saturday and Sunday, May 19-20, only.  To get a free burn permit, click here

“There are a number of rural property owners who have not been able to take advantage of green waste recycling. I want to take the opportunity to leverage the recent precipitation and re-open pile burning this weekend,” says Chief Charles Moore. “I urge property owners to manage their burns safely. Nearby thunderstorms can produce outflow winds even if low winds are forecasted, so please be mindful and take precaution. All piles should be fully extinguished, cold and wet by 2 p.m.”