After seeing plastic water bottles floating in Lake Tahoe, one UNR student knew something needed to be done. That is when 21-year old Nate Deaton created Rootblue, "What can i use that is reusable that people can buy from stores and give back to the community?"

That question was answered by creating Rootblue reusable water bottles. Deaton says he wanted to create something that would be easy to carry on hikes or when someone went skiing, but also easy to put in a cupholder. But not only are the water bottles easy to use but 10% of the company's profit goes towards giving back to the environment, such as Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful and the Tahoe Fund, aimed to help preserve the Eco-system of Lake Tahoe.

Deaton is not originally from Reno but has been in the city for a few years attending school at the University. Over the years he says he has fallen in love with Lake Tahoe, which is why his business is aimed at keeping it clean.

Deaton is graduating from the University this year and hopes to see his business grow, but not just for his sake, but for the environment as well. "It's not just water bottles, not just outdoorsy stuff. I want Rootblue to be the outdoorsy brand that gives back to the world." 

You can buy a Rootblue water bottle and give back to Lake Tahoe by visiting the Wolf Shop inside the Joe, Ben's, Lake Tahoe Heavenly Village, and online at Rootblue at