This week's Someone 2 Know says the strong and unified community of northern Nevada welcomed her so warmly when she moved here decades ago that she's always looking for ways to give back.

If Shanda Golden’s face doesn't look familiar, her last name might ring a bell.

Joy and gratitude play a big role in Shanda’s life. And spirit - she has a lot of it.

“You know what, I like to stay busy. God's blessed me so much. He's given me this huge amount of energy,” smiles Golden.

About 24 years ago Shanda brought that energy here to northern Nevada, where she became deeply entrenched in the music world. “I fell in love with Reno and I fell in love with my husband and we have two children and I've been here ever since.”

Husband Greg Golden is a musician and owner of Bizarre Guitar and Bizarre Guns and has a long history here.

"My husband's father was the developer of Golden Valley."

Musician Trish Good works at the guitar shop and says Shanda’s energy is contagious. "She's a great gal and she's doing a lot for the community as far as the food drives and the tampon drives.”

"Now it's our second annual tampon drive - Golden Tampon," explains Shanda.

Golden collects and distributes feminine hygiene products for women living either on the streets or in the shelters.

"When people hear it - they jump right on it and they've been sending us tampons through Amazon or coming into the store."

And if that wasn't enough, Shanda also has a career as a concert photographer - capturing musicians on stage. She has a long list. "Melissa Etheridge Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, I mean on and on and on."

And remember that all that energy we talked about - Shanda also works as a pin-up model.

"It started as an ad campaign for Bizarre Guitar and we were running it on the back of a local magazine and it kinda just took off on its own."

Shanda still models but says right now her real passion is for helping other women. She wants to take The Golden Tampon Drive nationwide.

"That we can bring it to different states and you, inspire other people to give back to women that are homeless - because they need it."

If you'd like to learn more about Shanda Golden's fundraiser, we have a links here -