zSpace is an augmented and virtual reality learning experience. The company's mobile classroom, one of only two in the country, visited Silver Springs students on Wednesday.

It's a 3D lesson that hundreds of thousands of students across the U.S. have experienced. 600 school districts use the technology, permanently. 

William Moore, a 9th-grade student at Silver Springs High School described his experience, "It's a lot more hands-on, it's definitely a lot more fun and it's just a lot more immersive than normal classroom teaching." 

The program engages students in a way that they are already used to--interactive technology.

Thessa Monaco, Regional Director for zSpace explains, "They have their devices, their phones, their iPads and they're so engrossed in it. So what we did was, 'How can we bring that same engagement in the classroom?"

Cheyenne Stewart, also a 9th-grade student at SSHS says, "Being able to see it and move around and see what's inside and outside and being able to picture it, was way better than just going through a textbook."

It's simple to use, just put on the VR glasses, pick up the interactive pen and go. While it's a fun experience for the students; it also satisfies teachers and parents, too. Monaco adds, "State and national standards are aligned on all of our activities."

If you'd like to learn more about the program, click here.