A political ad from Strong Public Schools Nevada is criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Steve Sisolak in an attack ad called, "Next."

The group is not directly affiliated with his opponent, Chris Giunchigliani. However, they support her bid to get the Democratic nomination for Nevada Governor.

Woman: "What's this? He used our tax dollars for the Raider Stadium. He killed education funding because he didn't want to share with Northern Nevada schools." 

Speculation.  Let's go back to October of 2016 and right the special session to build the Raider's Stadium in Las Vegas. As a Clark County Commissioner Sisolak was in favor of the stadium in Vegas.  However, the rest of the ad cites a T.V. story from KTNV in Las Vegas.

"Governor Sandoval said he's putting in a new room tax increase in the special session for education," reports Jon Ralston a contributor for the station at the time. 

On October 5 2016, Sandoval announced agenda details for the Special Session. Part of a statement from the Governor's office said, "I will add language to the call of the session to ensure education funding is stable for the upcoming biennium and will recommend a minor adjustment to the lodging tax for a temporary solution supporting education."

According to Jon Ralston's KTNV report, Sisolak didn't like the idea of a tax increase just in Southern Nevada for a problem that affects the entire state.

"Steve Sisolak threatened to call a news conference and tell the public that the governor and state lawmakers are trying to balance the state budget on the backs of Southern Nevada taxpayers," reported Ralston. 

That tax increase from Sandoval disappeared after the threat of the conference. 

On October 6, 2016 Sandoval's office released this statement

"After consulting with legislative leadership I have decided that any potential budget challenges for the next biennium will be addressed during the next regular session. The special session agenda will be focused on the recommendations of the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee."

It's hard to prove that one event certainly led to the other. That's why we're saying this claim is speculation.  Also it's worth noting that this ad is only citing this one KTNV source. We looked for more proof of a connection, and Ralston's report is all we found. 
Woman: "The N.R.A. gave Sisolak an A-." 
True. This grade from the N.R.A. is from 2012. One might argue it was a  different time back then. This was before the shootings in Sandy Hook, last year's Las Vegas shooting, and this year's Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting to name a few.  Sisolak tells our affiliate in Las Vegas that his views on guns changed after Sandy Hook.