For many dogs awaiting their new homes at the Nevada Humane Society, some may be scared, timid or shy within their kennels, making for a longer shelter stay. A new partnership between NHS and Adventure Pet aims to change that. 

It's called the Fast-Track Adoption Program, hoping to adopt more dogs out of NHS into their new homes, more quickly. 

Adventure Pet started out a few years ago as a small dog-running business, helping busy pet owners by taking their dogs on outdoor excursions. The program has grown from just 12 to more than 400 dogs in the area. Now, they want to lend their services to the Humane Society.

Through the Fast-Track Adoption Program, Adventure Pet trainers will take dogs from NHS, to spend quality time outside. This gets them away from being cooped up in a kennel. 

There, the trainers will document their excursions, taking videos and pictures of the dogs' behavior to capture their true personality. Afterward, they get an Adventure Pet-Certified sticker to show off on their kennel card.

Troy Herrera, Owner of Adventure Pet, adds, "There will be a QR code on their kennel, where people would be able to see all the pictures and videos of that dog actually out in the outdoors, having a great time."

They hope to show potential adopters a more well-rounded sense of what the fur babies are really like when they are free to let loose. Betsy Aguira, Community Director for NHS adds, "To make some of our dogs that maybe would be deemed less adoptable, more adoptable."

Adventure Pet will start taking Nevada Humane Society's dogs outdoors in about two to three weeks.  If you'd like more information about the program or want to get involved, you can visit Adventure Pet's website here.