High school graduation can be costly for some and on Tuesday, local restaurants are teaming up with ‘Communities in Schools of Western Nevada’ to help students out.

Brother’s Barbecue is giving 10% of their profits back to at-risk students and families who need help with graduation costs.

“If we can do a little bit to help them get to the finish line with a little assistance with the cap and gown or whatever they need to get through graduation, we're happy to be a part,” said Joe Orduna, Owner of Brother’s Barbecue.

Scott Stevenson’s son is still a year away from graduating from Hug High School, but he’s already thinking about the finances he'll need to watch his son earn a diploma.

"Not only college to save up for, but costs like caps and gowns,” said Stevenson.

For families who have a tight income, graduation-related items aren’t cheap. Altogether, between rental fees, applications and test costs, graduating can run upwards of $250 per student. For some of the students who require help and assistance through ‘Communities in Schools’, that's simply too much money to pay.

"Here at Hug, our population, our community, is low socioeconomic status,” said Elisha Harris, site coordinator with Communities in Schools. "So a lot of our kids are telling us, I’m not going to walk, it's too expensive, I can't afford a cap and gown."

For anyone who wants to help with the cause, Brother's Barbecue, Doughboy Donuts, MOD Pizza, Nothing Bundt Cakes, The Eddy and the Harrah's Steak House are all participating. Each one of these locations will be taking part in the fundraising event until they close their doors Tuesday night.