UPDATE, January 14, 2019:

The Sparks City Council unanimously passed an amendment to the plans for the Stonebrook development on Monday.

The amendment did not change the amount of acres they plan to use, but did slightly relocate and change the acreage for various land uses.

The amendment to the final handbook for the project was first requested by developers to move a drainage channel that went through a multi-family housing zone on the west side of the property.

The city of Sparks figured it was a good idea to make some changes while the developer was in the process of changing the final handbook> They worked with developers to change land usage for parks to better match the parks and recreation master plan passed in 2016.

"To get rid of neighborhood parks, which are like five acres, and make more larger parks," Development Service Manager for the City of Sparks Karen Melby says. "One of the main things the city really needs are flat parks. Flat areas that we can have fields for people to play soccer and those kinds of games."

Instead of having multiple neighborhood parks around the 610 acre development, it will now have one 17-acre community park on La Posada Drive. This matches the master plan, and saves money.

"The is more cost-effect to maintain a community park rather than all these neighborhood parks," Melby says.

While the changes in land usage were minor, Council Member Charlene Bybee says she doesn't want to see any land reduce for the employment center or commercial space.

"Fiscal impact of residential is obviously harder on the city," Bybee said during the meeting. "The residential side of it. And the revenue generated by through those other two uses is critical."

The development is still planned for 2,135 living units.

You can read the full report here: http://portal.cityofsparks.us/agendas/meeting/414/item/5400

UPDATE: Construction on the Toll Brothers' Stonebrook Community is underway. The development, located in Spanish Springs, will be the site of 363 houses.

The luxury home developers priced the almost 400 new homes to start at the median market rate.  Prices will start in the upper $300,000's. This has been the median price range of homes in the area since March, except for a temporary summer increase, according to September's housing market report from the Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors.

Senior Sales Manager Katie Leydecker, explains, "The market is certainly hot and as quickly as it's growing, we wanted to adapt to all the needs and all the buyers so everybody could be able to be a Toll Home owner."

Although that median price of $374,000 is up 11 percent from this same time last year; new listings are up 10.3 percent from last year. Active inventory has been steadily increasing since this January, which experts say is a sign of a healthy market, taking pressure off pricing. 

The Reno/Sparks Association of Realtors says the housing situation remains a seller's market.  

The grand opening for Stonebrook is set for December or January. They expect to close out their first sale in February. 

To learn more about the development, click here.

Original Story: Plans for a new housing development in Spanish Springs are moving forward.

The Sparks City Council voted to approve a tentative map for the second phase of the Stonebrook development Monday afternoon. While the recent developments for this project are new, the idea isn't -- the council originally approved the idea twelve years ago.

"It was approved by the council back in 2006 and kind of went into mothballs during the recession," said John Martini, Community Services Director for the City of Sparks. "Now it's come back out so it's the second phase of the tentative mapping phase, taking us to just under a thousand homes."

The tentative map for the first phase of this development was approved about a year ago. The second phase calls for 459 single-family homes on 118 acres. When planning these maps, the developer considers things like infrastructure needs, public safety capabilities and traffic impacts.

"It's exciting because for years we didn't have a lot of home building going on," Martini said. "Now it's back to 2003 levels and it looks like it's going to keep going up for the near term."

The council approved this second phase unanimously. Future plans could include a new elementary school.

"The next steps are for the developer to do their final designs and bring forth the final maps that then get recorded with the county and create the lots," Martini said.