There is less than one month before the primary election. The Democratic race for governor between Chris Giunchigliani and Steve Sisolak has taken a darker turn. We are taking a look at some negative ads in the campaign. 

First, it's an supporting Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak called 'Pattern.'  It questions Giunchigliani's time as a State Assemblywoman.

Announcer- "Chris Giunchigliani voted three times to raise her own pay." 

Mostly True.  Chris Giunchigliani  was in the Nevada Assembly from 1991 to 2006. During that time, Giunchigliani voted three times(AB 606 2001,  AJR 7 2003, and AB 462 2005) to raise the pay of some state elected officials, including state Senators and state Assembly Members. Assembly Bill 606 in 2001. 

However it's not black and white.  For example, Assembly Joint Resolution 7 proposed to make the legislative session yearly, instead of every other year. The more Senators and Assembly Members work, the more they would get paid. Assembly Bill 462 would give raises to state employees, but they would not take place until 2011. 
Announcer:  "(Giunchigliani) supported letting lobbyists give secret gifts to legislators like her." 

Misleading.  Assembly Bill 518 from 1999 talks about the process of how legislators must report expenditures from lobbyists. Giunchigliani and 37 other Assembly Members voted in favor. Two members were against. AB 518 wasn't about allowing legislators to get gifts, loans, etc., instead it was about reporting them and what could and couldn't be itemized. However, it still required all expenditures from lobbyists to legislators over $50 to be reported. 
Announcer- "(Giunchigliani) even putting (put) her husband on her political payroll, collecting hundreds of thousands in campaign cash."   

Misleading.  Yes. Giunchigliani put her husband on her payroll.  We're saying this claim is misleading because it fails to mention her husband, Gary Gray, was a prominent Democratic consultant who she used for 18 years starting in 1996.  

According to the Reno Gazzete Journal, her various campaigns paid her husband's firm more than $1,000,000 during those 18 years. Keep in mind that he and his firm are two different things. Gray himself did not get $1,000,000 from the campaign over those 18 years.