Sparks Police arrested two men in connection with a stolen 40-foot long 5th wheel trailer, after RV Country employees say it was stolen from a Legends parking lot on April 29 or April 30.

Police say 39-year-old Christopher Duffield and 40-year-old Jason Fitchhorn face charges of stolen property. Sparks PD also recovered a stolen SUV which was taken from the mall during a sale last week.

RV Country is hosting an RV show at Legends this week and they began stockpiling their vehicles for the show weeks ago. Jim Hardy, show manager for RV country, says they noticed it was missing on May 9th and at first they hoped it was just misplaced or taken back to its original store.

"Once we did inventory at that store and realized it wasn't there we went to security at Legends and went through hours and hours of tape," Hardy says.

President of RV Country Curt Curtis says for someone to steal the 55 thousand dollar trailer, they have to know what they're doing.

"They're not easy to move around," Curtis says. "They had to have a 5th wheel hitch, they had to know how to hook it up, they had to know how to put the jacks up, and so it was someone that was pretty experienced with RVs."

Hardy says they even need to bring the right truck for a trailer that size.

"It's a 10,000-plus weight unit," Hardy says. "So it's has to be a pretty husky truck that will pull it. Either a heavy duty three-quarter ton or a one ton truck."

Both Hardy and Curtis thought the trailer was long gone considering it had been gone for two weeks. But after a viewer saw the trailer on the news, he knew the RV was in Boomtown. That led police to find the trailer with Duffield and Fitchhorn living inside.

"One of the guys was sleeping up here," Curtis says standing in the front of the RV. "And then in the very back end they put a dresser back there and there's a bed back there too, so they were making full use of it."

The only damage is a little wear and tear from use and decals that were removed from the outside. Curtis says they're very grateful to have the RV back, and tried to show their respect to the man who called the police.

"We actually gave that gentleman that helped us out a thousand bucks," Curtis says. "He saved us on our deductible so we're very happy to do that."

The hope is that the next person to enjoy the RV, will pay for it first.

"We'll be putting out there for sale and letting people know a little about it," Curtis says. "And hopefully it will sell."

"If it hadn't of been for you guys running it on TV and a good Samaritan that stepped up and gave the police a lead, who knows if we would've gotten it back or how long it would've taken," Hardy says.