Evoke Fitness owners delivered cash and pet supplies to the Nevada Humane Society to recognize the impact the non-profit has in our community.

The owner, Mena Spodobalski felt that the volunteers at the Nevada Humane Society are a crucial part of the nonprofit's success, so she wanted to give back.

"These people come in on their own time, when they can help and really spend a lot of time helping get those animals adopted. It's a thankless job as volunteering sometimes is, so we really wanted them to feel special and appreciated for all the work that they do here, " says Spodobalski.

The shelter's volunteers were treated to special surprises, such as chair massages and lunch. 

Evoke Fitness also paid for adoptions Saturday and arranged groomers to style the animals. 

Supporters raised over 35-hundred dollars in cash donations, not including donations collected through bins placed at various businesses in our community.

Supporters and contributions included:

  • Great Clips 
  • Lamppost Pizza

  • Smiths Food and Drug

  • Massages by Bobby Baum and Chelsey Wethren of Soothing Kneads

  • Bill Pearce Motors, together with Evoke Fitness and their client, raised $3,500 to purchase wishlist 

  • A dedicated team of volunteers

(Evoke Fitness contributed to this report.)