If you're a Wolf Pack fan, the name Musselman is familiar.

The female half of the Reno power couple got involved with the community as soon as they moved here three years ago.

Danyelle Musselman has a mega-watt smile, boundless energy and supermodel good looks that will grab your attention - but it's her big heart that will win you over for good.

"She's always wanting to get involved in the community,” explains Stacey Crawford, owner of  Full Pedal, a popular indoor cycling gym in Reno. “And raise money for all sort of events that go on around town and fundraising.”

"I just heard her speak as a keynote speaker at a Girls On The Run fundraiser. Absolutely so impressive and she is so humble,” says friend Stephanie Ewing.

Humble, but wildly enthusiastic. Especially about one thing...

"To say sports is my life is not an understatement," Danyelle assures us with a smile.

And not just because she's married to the head coach of the Wolf Pack's men's basketball team, Eric Musselman.

"As a young person, I played a lot of different sports,” says Danyelle, “but then as an adult I worked as a sports anchor, since I don't even know. I think I started when I was 22, 23."

Danyelle still does some work in broadcast, but most of her time is dedicated to her family - eight-year-old Mariah, step-sons Michael and Matthew, husband Eric - plus all the athletes he coaches at the university.

"I literally feel like I have 12 more sons. They're always at our house for dinner, or to hang out or play Xbox in the basement."

She was courtside during Nevada’s nail-biting March Madness games...with them every step of the way.

Once home, Danyelle got right back into raising money and awareness for charities, and riding and teaching at Full Pedal in Reno.

"She was a client first and then I approached her and said 'hey, let me train you. Let me have you be an instructor here,'” remembers Crawford. “She's got a vibrant personality, everybody loves her.”

Friend Stephanie agrees. Danyelle was one of the first to welcome her when she first moved to town. “She invited my family to Halloween, we didn't know who to trick-or-treat with or where to go. She always has a smile.”

And that smile is gonna be sticking around Reno for a while. Danyelle says she and her family love the city and the Wolf Pack and have no plans of going anywhere, anytime soon.