You may want to keep an eye out for some new, traveling art work in town. You'll find the images on top of our local taxis.

At Tuesday's official unveiling, we met the three Washoe County students who won the chance to represent greater Reno-Sparks region with their creativity.

Seeing the new taxi toppers was the highlight of the morning for all the winners, but for North Valley's Junior Ricardo Rubalcaba, the honor has deep significance. “It’s like a sign that I'm supposed to continue and this is what I'm supposed to do with my life."

The artwork means a lot to the Economic Development Authority, as well. EDAWN sponsors the annual contest and awards the winning schools $1,000 each.

“It's a big deal, because we have a lot of visitors and a lot of prospects that come to town and one of the first things they see is a taxi,” explains Mike Kazmierski, President and CEO of EDAWN. He started the taxi topper contest four years ago.

The three separate art pieces will sit atop a Whittlesea taxi for an entire year.

The middle school winner, Allen Lunbao, says his artwork is a way of honoring the friends that welcomed him at Depoali when he moved from Carson City. "It was really a great experience. They introduced me to new stuff and they taught me the things around here."

It was the great outdoors that inspired the fifth grade winner. From Jesse Hall Elementary, Rylyn Talancon put a lot of thought into every detail. "I like to ski, so I drew a ski person for Mt Rose and I also drew the blue bird for our state bird.”

This is the fourth year for the contest. EDAWN says there are more than 60 other entries that can still be sponsored - and your name or business would stay on the taxi topper with the art work all year.

"Anyone that wants to help put up some of the other entries, a thousand dollars, just give EDAWN a call and we'll help you get it up," says Kazmierski.

For more info or to support the taxi top campaign, click here