The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is providing tips for drivers to prepare their vehicles for the coming summer travel season.

NDOT provides Freeway Service Patrol with fixed freeway routes in case of incidents. They can help clear freeways be removing stalled vehicles, provide basic first aid, extinguishing minor vehicle fires, provide traffic control and more.

After assisting with more than 2,300 incidents in the first three months of this year, NDOT released these tips on Tuesday:

Check tire pressure and tread. Colder winter temperature can reduce tire pressure, potentially leading to increased wear and poor handling. Make sure your vehicle tires are properly inflated to manufacturer recommendations, which can also enhance fuel efficiency. 
Check vehicle lights, including headlights, brake lights, back-up lights, tail lights, parking lights and turn signals.
Check windshield wipers. Be ready for spring showers by checking and replacing wiper blades if needed.
Check vehicle brakes, filters, oil and all other fluid levels, hoses and belts.
Check vehicle air conditioning.
Pack an extra bottle of drinking water. It can provide hydration and can be used for cooling down an overheated engine, washing hands after any urgent roadside vehicle repairs and more. 
Be familiar with your vehicle’s spare tire and tire repair accessories. Nearly a third of new vehicles no longer come with a spare tire as standard equipment.
Share the road. Warmer weather brings more motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians to Nevada roads. Everyone should watch for each other and share the road.
Watch out for wildlife. Spring migration brings many animals across Nevada roadways. Watch for wildlife. They are often most active at dusk and dawn.
Slow down during rains. Infrequent spring and summer rains can produce exceptionally slippery roads due to oil and other leaked fluids on roadway surfaces mixing with rainwater.

The full release from NDOT can be viewed here: