The local Greyhound has set its sights on the Amtrak station for its possible new home. Wednesday, Reno's City Council made a unanimous vote to do a little more research before making a final decision. 

Viewers may remember the Greyhound station building on Stevenson Street was sold earlier this year. The transportation line's lease at that location is over at the end of this year and they are looking to move.

Rey Nunez, Senior Director of Real Estate for Greyhound explains why they chose that spot, "We're in a collaboration with Amtrak today, where we share passengers; so we think it makes even more sense to be co-located with Amtrak."

Several council members did have concerns with a possible move to the Amtrak station on Center Street, though. They cited issues like traffic, pedestrian safety and the historic value of the site. 

However, Nunez says there is a vacant side of the building Greyhound could easily move into without disturbing that aspect. He added they would also conduct traffic studies and consider adding pedestrian signage to address the other concerns. 

Council decided to move the issue to further research and analysis by both the Business Improvement District and the Historical Resources Commission. They want to evaluate how the possible move might affect the overall vision of downtown Reno's revitalization.  

Nunez says they are hopeful, "We think after further review, we're hopeful that it'll be positive because we're in many locations very similar to this one, that we've been able to co-locate with Amtrak in very dense areas."

Nunez says the RTC 4th Street Station is another possible location that Greyhound has considered. The city council will revisit the results of the research and decide where to go from there, at a later date.  

Original Story:

Greyhound Lines says it has sold the Reno bus station to local developer Greenway Reno II, LLC.

In a statement, the company says, “Greyhound is currently pursuing efforts to relocate to either the Amtrak rail station or the Fourth Street Transit Center. Greyhound is interested in seeing Reno grow to its fullest potential and did not want to stand in the way of area redevelopment efforts.”

We’ve tried to contact the developer and haven’t heard back.