Nearly a third of Nevada's children are either overweight or obese and experts say that number isn't showing much improvement.

Now, a statewide partnership is working to help students, parents, and teachers in an attempt to change the trend.

"We've got to work together so we can educate children," UNR Cooperative Extension Associate Professor Dr. Anne Lindsay said. "We can work with parents at home and we can make changes in the school."

Lindsay said since kids don't really have ingrained habits yet, we can start them early, making healthy choices for themselves. They have a whole list of ways to do that, along with activities to do at home or in school, for free on their new website, the new Healthy Kids Resource Center. It focuses on making good choices for health, rather than specifically for weight.

"It's teaching kids, empowering them to be healthy, to live healthy and not really focus on the weight right now," Lindsay said, "because that's completely detrimental and can take us the wrong way if they feel that."

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