People who live in Lemmon Valley have reached out to us about increased road construction - so we checked it out. 

It's happening on Lemmon Drive - just after Military Road running all the way down to Hydraulic, with single lanes in each direction.

The project is for an industrial park being built. To get the building permit, developers needed to improve drainage, since the area is in the flood plain.

“This project essentially creates much greater capacity and is designed to handle the 100 year storm event during a major flood,” said Kenneth Krater, President of Krater Consulting Group. “One of the improvements included in this project is the armor at the bottom of the channel.”

This concrete armor prevents erosion and soil from draining into Swan Lake, but some residents don't see this as the right solution.

“With all the development they are trying to plan, I hear about them planning on building, I think right behind Hydraulic and up in the hills back there and then further back...everything's full! Do something about that first before we try to correct the drainage problems, get rid of the water first,” said Lemmon Valley resident David George.

Construction is a few weeks behind due to weather, but Lemmon Drive should be back open to normal traffic by mid to late July.