It finally feels like spring and it's been a busy week for the Reno Bike Project.

"There have been days when bikes have just been flying out of here," said Kurstin Graham, shop manager. "People have been bringing in their bikes, people who maybe didn't ride at all over the winter, or after the winter you bring your bike in and it needs a little bit of TLC and that way you can get out and enjoy the weather, roll by the river, whatever it happens to be; its fantastic now."

This is their first season at their new location on Grove Street.

"It's new and improved," Graham said. "We want everyone to have more elbow room here. Recently, we've been selling a lot of kids bikes and it's been really fun; we're keeping our prices as low as possible because we want every kid to have a bike."

The nonprofit is set up to help riders of all ages and skill levels get their bikes in safe, road-worthy condition.

"I tell everyone we're here for your success," Graham said. "There's always a couple mechanics to guide you through whatever you need to do and we're here to teach you anything you want to learn about your bike."

They'll also help you outfit your gear for maximum visibility - a big help when bikes and cars are sharing the road.

As a bike rider, I have to make sure I'm always visible, that I'm always predictable," Graham said. "A new trend in the bike industry is daytime lights so the lights we'd normally use at night we're now using during the day."

And sharing the road means bikers and drivers both have to be on the lookout. Cars have to give bikes three feet of space when passing and bikes have to follow traffic laws.

"You should always be riding your bike like you drive your vehicles and the safety precautions are the same," Graham said. "If you look at the current drivers handbook, it's available online, all of those rules apply to bicycles as well."

More infrastructure for two-wheeled transportation in the Truckee Meadows is in the works. And that means hopefully, more awareness for everyone that takes to the streets.

"We're working towards a common goal and that's making sure bicycle riders feel safe when they're on the road," Graham said. "That's probably the number one thing that keeps people from riding a bike is they just don't feel safe."

If you have any bike-related questions, the Reno Bike Project is open seven days a week.