Allergy season has arrived and lots of people are feeling the effects. After a warm start to the winter season and a wet spring, lots of things are starting to bloom. 

"My allergies gives me headaches and sometimes my nose runs and my throat itches," said allergy sufferer Jordan Marshe. 

With allergies, it's different for everyone. While the season can be horrible for some, perhaps, not so bad for others. 

"In the spring we see a lot of tree pollen, so that's what's out there right now," said Allergist Dr. Nugent. 

The weather can make allergies worse too, especially here where lots of plants are pollinated by the wind instead of insects. 

"Especially when we have windier days and it's warmer, after we've had a lot of water, that's actually when we're going to see higher pollen counts," said Dr. Nugent. 

While it's different for everyone, in general it's been a typical allergy season so far. 

"We're seeing quite a bit of Birch and Cottonwood, you'll see Cottonwood because it falls like snow," said Dr. Nugent. 

If you suffer from allergies, some nasal sprays and eye drops can help, as well as over the counter medications. 

"I'm a big believer in generic medications -- I like to use them first, they're cheaper, so antihistamines they are very often first line. General version of Allegra, Zrytec, oftentimes first line of that," said Dr. Nugent. 

If over the counter medications still won't work, that's when you might need some help from a doctor. 

"When you have more signs of allergic disease, so it's skin, eyes, nose, it's respiratory symptoms like asthma, when it's more severe or more organ involved that's when medical field gets in," said Dr. Nugent. 

Trees are pollinating right now, but in a couple months it will be weed season.