The software company Intuit is well known for its popular products - Turbo Tax and Quick Books. But, the business gives credit to its employees for being the real stars. Here in Reno, a division of Intuit employs 450 people, but its site leader says one team member in particular stands out.

When we caught up with Jason Shipp “on campus”, he shared with us many of the programs the company uses to reward workers. Like a wheel of prizes or a wall of accomplishments – filled with pictures of employees, Shipp says Intuit makes sure folks know they are appreciated.

"This place is the best. I grew up in the valley. I grew up in Reno my whole life. There's no other place like Intuit out there,” says Jason. 

Barbara McKinnies, leader of the Tax Operation Group and site leader for Reno says, "It's the people. We have an incredible group here in Reno. We have a very strong leadership team here that believes in empowering their employees."

McKinnies says one of those leaders is Jason Shipp. Working in payroll tax operations, the senior manager has been with Intuit for 12 years, but prefers to shine the spotlight on members of his team instead of himself. “We let them lead. If they have an idea - go try it. If it works – excellent - if it fails, ok - we learn" says Shipp.

"It's not just what he does for his individual teams,” says McKinnies, “He's an inspiration to the entire site."

Jason volunteers for northern Nevada charities a lot - and he helps other employees do the same.

"Last year we went to Mamie Towles Elementary and we took over the school for the day,” remembers Shipp. “And through Junior Achievement, we taught the entire kindergarten through sixth grade financial literacy."

Plus, the food bank, the blood bank, the balloon races and more - Shipp stays busy volunteering. To support this effort, Intuit pays all employees for up to 30 hours of time donated to causes that inspire them.

"A lot of these activities Jason is instrumental in driving forward for the whole site," admits McKinnies with a smile.

And as usual, Jason in turn, gives all the credit to his team. "They're in lock-step with each other, you know - it is a family."

The "family" of Intuit in Reno is so well-loved that it has won Best Place To Work Northern Nevada three years in a row and this month will be inducted into the hall of fame.

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