Recent surveillance footage capturing car burglaries in the act has caught the eye of Reno and Carson City police. Reno police say home video footage can help them catch criminals more often because of the clarity of the picture.

“Posting those images on our social media websites, the community reaches out and they actually help us apprehend the criminals,” said Officer Tim Broadway with the Reno Police Department.

While there hasn’t been an uptick of thefts in the community yet, officers anticipate that we could start to see more crimes as the weather warms up.

“We will have that criminal element out there later in the night because it’s not as uncomfortable for them,” said Broadway.

Officers are encouraging the public to follow a handful of tips to keep their belongings safe. They say that begins with locking your car and setting the alarm, because that could be just enough to make a criminal think twice.

"They're always looking for that easy target of opportunity,” said Broadway.

In a demonstration, Officer Broadway shows Channel 2 the dangers of leaving your belongings in a car where they're easily seen.

"Make sure that you're securing your valuables in your trunk or out of plain sight,” said Broadway.

He says thieves don’t just target residential areas, he says shopping centers and gyms are also area’s where cars are often burglarized.

"People that are going to break into cars are looking for that opportunity where someone is not around for a couple of hours,” said Denise Desi-Schula, General Manager with Sports West Athletic Club.

Broadway says you’re better off bringing your valuables inside to put in a locker, much like what you'd want to do when your car is parked outside your home, during the late hours of the night.

"It takes just two seconds to take a rock and break a window and get that cellphone, get that laptop, get your purse, get your wallet, or even in some cases we've seen firearms being stolen from people that don't take extra safety precautions,” said Broadway.