South Lake Tahoe's mayor has asked the city's police chief and the El Dorado District Attorney's Office to investigate allegations of violations of the law by another city councilwoman.

In an op-ed published Sunday by South Tahoe Now, Councilwoman Brooke Laine accuses other councilmembers of discussing items not on the agenda during closed door meetings and also misrepresenting what happened at a meeting on March 20th in that meeting's minutes.

In a statement Monday Mayor Wendy David called the accusations serious and said in part -

“I believe that a thorough and independent investigation will provide...facts and truth as opposed to opinion and biased conjecture. I am saddened and disappointed that Ms. Laine holds these damaging opinions.  

I have no doubt that the results of this investigation will plainly show that Ms. Laine's accusations are misguided and untruthful.”