Several ski resorts around Lake Tahoe are shutting down for the summer, after a very dry winter through the first couple months of the year.

"A little dry in the beginning but Miracle March came through strong," Vinnie Zacha-Herthel, Digital Media Specialist for Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, says. "And these last two and a half months have been awesome."

While the later months in the season did help the snowfall numbers tremendously, Sugar Bowl still only saw 320 inches of snowfall this season. An average season for them is 500 inches.

Zacha-Herthel says it not just the month of march that's been good to them. He says there's been powder for the last couple months and it's hard not to take advantage knowing the season is ending.

"We've had a few nice powder days and some of the best ones were in the past two weeks," Zacha-Herthel says. "[I] myself, with some of the employees, have taken some time to enjoy it."

A lot of skiers I spoke with say they came up to take advantage of their passes one last time. Jonathan Borah came up from Berkeley because he had one day left on his three-day pass. He didn't get a ton of skiing in Sunday, but it was worth it.

"I decided to quit a little bit early," Borah says. "If the snow was super good like December I would've kept going even though I'm tired. But tired plus sloppy stuff, that's when things go wrong."

Borah says conditions aren't going to keep him off the hill, though. He plans on coming back whether the lifts are working or not, because there's snow to ride even if winter is over.

"Disney is going to have snow for a long time," Borah says of one of the runs. "I'm going to bring my tele-skis up here start practicing on Lincoln. The snow's going to be here for a while and when the snow's gone we'll hike."