Here we go again with another system expected to move through here late Sunday into Monday morning.  Impacts will be similar to what we saw a few days ago with a dusting of snow in the valley, plenty of wind, and snow in the Sierra. The front will move through in the afternoon with gusty winds developing both in advance and behind the front. Wind gusts will reach the 40’s near 50mph in the valley and 80mph in the High Sierra. Wind prone areas like Washoe Valley could reach wind gusts in the 60’s. The bigger the jump in temperature usually the stronger the winds, and this time around the change will take us from the upper 60’s to the mid 40’s, just like last time.

The first half of Sunday will be dry with rain and snow moving through northeast California by the early afternoon and reaching Donner by the late afternoon. The pass will be messy with snow covered roads and low visibility anytime from about 5pm Sunday through the first half of Monday. Monday will be better in the afternoon, but a few scattered snow showers are possible thanks to a low still being overhead.

In the valley, light rain is possible Sunday afternoon, switching to light snow by around 11pm. Snow totals will range from several inches at Donner to a couple inches in the foothills, and generally less than an inch in the valley. The situation is very similar to a few days ago, which wasn’t a lot in the valley but enough to make the roads slick. Thanks to a higher sun angle the snow should be able to melt pretty quickly and be gone by mid morning. 

So how common is it for us to get snow in April? Well according to the record books it happens every once in a while, but not often. If it’s less then .01” it’s not recorded though. In 2009 three inches of snow fell at the Reno Airport, but usually it’s less than an inch this time of year. 

Tuesday will be sunny but cool with highs around 50 degrees. Another system rolls through the Sierra Thursday, but will impact the mountains more than the valley. Have a great week.