On April 3, Chastity Townsend showed Channel 2 a stretch of trash dumped on an island in the middle of the Truckee River along the bike path east of Rock Park.

After a couple weeks of planning and a minor flood, Chastity finally got her group together to clean up Trash Island.

"Battle Born Pool and Spa is here, Scheel's is here, Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful is here," Chastity says. "It's been a wonderful turnout I'm just so stoked by the turnout."

Along with local businesses and organizations, every day citizens joined in the clean up, including Cynthia Couch from Reno. After seeing the Trash Island story and watching much of the garbage get swept away on April 7, she had to help Chastity any way she could.

"Trash Island was just a disaster," Couch says. "I saw it and I was actually horrified and actually sickened by it, how much trash was in this river. But when I saw her I said 'Yea, go girl.'"

A total of 80 bags and two trailers full of trash was collected today over about six and a half hours of work. Most people walked along the bank of the river and the bike path picking up trash, but Battle Born Pool and Spa set up a safety line and crossed the river to get the island. They picked up all the trash on the actual island including grocery carts, mattresses, scooters and snowboards to name a small amount of junk. Chastity says they are the big heroes."

"I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for those heavy lifters here," Chastity says. "Because I definitely couldn't get out in the river."

Chastity says she does it not only because the Truckee River is a water source for the community, but it's a beautiful, recreational asset that shouldn't be taken for granted. Today she helped make at least part of the Truckee River a better place to be.

"I can't imagine not wanting to keep it beautiful," Chastity says. "And with the efforts of everyone here involved today, we've been able to keep the Truckee river that much cleaner, that much more beautiful, and that much more safe for the children and for families."

Chastity says she plans on covering all of Rock Park, and eventually working down to the Lockwood area. Even that is just the start she says.

Jordan Thomas, owner of Battle Born Pool and Spa, says they're in their busiest time of the year and could still find the time to help out. He says frankly, businesses like his are better equipped to help out with bigger projects like this. Thomas says you haven't seen the last of them either.

"She's going to be out there probably spotting more trash," Thomas says about Chastity. "And we're going to be right behind her."