A new business geared toward female entrepreneurs celebrated its grand opening in Downtown Reno on Friday.  Inspire Reno is a development center for businesswomen that aims to create a positive place for women to grow both personally and professionally.  The office on Riverside Drive opened the first of this year.
"It's like a dream come true," said Founder Susan Ackerman at Friday's ribbon cutting.  "The idea behind this was simply wanting to have a space where women could come and connect and want to be engaged, be inspired to be everything they can be and we really wanted to create a holistic approach, something that didn't just focus on a woman’s career but on a woman herself."
It didn't take long for other business owners to get on board.
"It was a friend of a friend that invited me down and I signed up the day I came down here because I saw the vision," said Erin Oksol, owner of The Psychology of Mission.  "I think the city needed this, I think women need this and we have been called to create this center.  I think it happened so quickly because I believe there is a big purpose behind this and it's so exciting."
The network continues to grow, adding entrepreneurs with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise.
"The support has been unbelievable," said Nicole Howell, owner of Tete Rouge Interiors.  "Every time I feel there's a little obstacle, there's so many people to give me advice, life experiences or even just a shoulder to cry on.  It’s been really amazing.
The group is reaching out to women of all ages and experience levels.
"We have a young entrepreneurs program, we're going to have a summer camp for teens and we have people who have a dream and are just wondering how am I going to get this dream started," Ackerman said.  "Then we have women who already have businesses and want to go to the next level and we have successful business owners who, maybe they're exactly where they want to be, but they'd like to mentor."
The doors here are open to everyone.
"We hope to just keep expanding," Howell said.  "Our hope is this area of town becomes known as a women’s entrepreneurial developers area and that the model we create here in Reno resonates throughout the United States."
And this collaboration is just getting started.
"I always say we're better together and none of us have made it until all of us have made it," Oksol said.  "When you collectively gather the minds of savvy, professional businesswomen who are positive and resourceful, watch out!"