Burglaries of licensed gun dealers across the United States increased 48 percent between 2012 and 2016, and robberies increased 175 percent in that same period. 

Unfortunately, Sparks Black Rifle became a part of that statistic, overnight. One local gun shop owner says it's an unfortunate reality in the back of many gun shop owners' minds. 

Sharon Oren, Owner of Maccabee Arms Ltd. says "Criminals cannot go into gun shops and buy guns legally, so they buy them on the streets or by burglary."

At Maccabee Arms Ltd., they are constantly improving their security measures to prevent this from happening to them. That includes more than 30 surveillance cameras and sensors, some that you can see and some that you can't.

The building itself has a few rather fool proof reinforcements. Oren explains, "The shop sits on concrete blocks, and you cannot just ram into it, if you look at the bars on the windows and doors."

Unfortunately for Sparks Black Rifle, thieves did manage to break in but now, Oren says, every gun shop in the area will be on the lookout.

Oren explains, "Hopefully in the next couple of days, we will be getting a list of the firearms that were stolen with the serial numbers. Yeah, we're competitors, but we try to help each other out."

While gun shops responsibly record and register any firearm that goes in or out of their facility, gun owners should do the same. As soon as you buy firearm, Oren says, write down or record the serial number and keep it in a safe place, separate from the gun. 

Invest in a gun safe or vault, but not just any. Make sure you buy a quality product. 

Oren says, "Check for the weight of the safe before you buy it, the heavier it is means it's actually made out of good steel and not cheap steel."

Engraving your firearm is another way to identify a gun in case it ever falls into a thief's hands.

Finally, make sure to report any stolen gun to police, immediately. 

Oren reiterates, "Good abiding citizens follow rules, criminals do not. Probably what happened last night [at Sparks Black Rifle] is one of the best examples for it."