NASA scientists discovered bouncing on a trampoline is almost 70 percent more effective than jogging and requires less effort. Although decades old, the study published in "Journal of Applied Physiology" concluded that jogging and rebounding produced similar heart rate levels and oxygen consumption. However, scientists determined jumping on a trampoline produced greater biochemical results with less demand on the heart, making it more efficient than running.

As a result of this research, trainers around the globe are making the case for trampoline fitness. It’s soaring to new heights all over the world, including Korea, Russia, Brazil and now… right here in Reno.

"First one in northern Nevada,” says Heather Cannon who created Cannon Air at EZAir Trampoline Park.

She says it is possible to bounce your way to better health.

"The cool thing about trampoline fitness is that you put yourself on an unstable apparatus. For the entire time, every single muscle in your body is going to be working."

Heather has 20-years of group fitness experience and says between plyometrics, interval work and circuit training – all the movements can be modified for any and every fitness level.

"The trampoline workout can be high-intensity or it can be low-intensity because we have these mats. If you're feeling tired you can take it onto the mats to reduce your instability."

The instability is believed to improve core strength, balance and coordination. Heather also incorporates weights.

The 50-minute classes are challenging, different and fun; you just can’t help but smile – while breaking a sweat.

"I would say you'll never get bored."

You can try a Cannon Air class for free during an opening house this Saturday, April 14th at EZAir located at 895 E. Patriot in Reno. To learn more about the class schedule, pricing and even available childcare, click on the links below.