Two Reno charities are partnering to provide easier access to out-of-state healthcare.

Beginning in April, Reno’s Ronald McDonald House is joining forces with Angel Flight West, which is a group of volunteer pilots who transport non-emergency medical patients completely free of charge.

The program will benefit children who need to travel away from Nevada for medical reasons. It will also help those same families save time and money on reoccurring trips.

One woman who might benefit is Stacie Rollins. Rollins has three little boys and two of them have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

“It basically deteriorates their muscles over time,” said Rollins.

Unfortunately, there's no cure, but medical treatment can help to improve their young quality of life. Which is why this family of five makes out-of-state hospital trips at least six times a year.

"We're constantly in the car,” said Rollins.

Reno's Ronald McDonald House helps to pay for her trips with gas cards through their Travel-for-Treatment program. Now with the partnership with Angel Flight West, Rollins says a flight service would make traveling easier on her family in a number of ways.

“We would eliminate lodging completely,” said Rollins. “It'll cut down on anxiety with our kids, it'll cut down with any problems of going over the hill, and then to be able to get there and back in a day, instead of taking them out of school for two days.

Above all else, it means her two little boys will continue to receive the treatment they deserve.

“Helps us move towards a cure and giving us hope kind of helps a lot,” said Rollins.

You can apply and find more information about Travel-For-Treatment at the link: