Our joints, mobility and flexibility change as we age, and if you remain active, chances are you'll one day find yourself in the office of an orthopedic specialist

“I see musculoskeletal injuries, I see concussion issues, I see a lot of over-use injuries as well as bone issues.”

Dr. Naomi Albertson, known to her patients as Dr. Ni, specializes in sports medicine at Reno Orthopedic Clinic. She says at the age of 35 we all start to lose muscle -even sooner for bone mass, but experts have discovered ways to stay strong 

"We all agree that calcium, magnesium and vitamin D are important for maintaining and re-creating normal bone.”

What was missing was the link to muscle health. The doc knew creatine was popular among athletes for improving strength, so she decided to put all the good stuff together in powder form. 

She developed Dr. Ni's OC-2 

"And we're now seeing more and more research in our patient population who are older than 50, that it does the same there as well.”

Several of Dr. Ni's patients and colleagues are using the supplement and loving the effects.

Spine Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Bjerke says, "...or back pain, things that patients have that I treat and when they have muscle that's easier to build, it's a lot easier to recover from those injuries or surgeries.”

Sudharshi Munaweera adds, "It has developed muscle and my muscles are getting more leaner and toner.”

Dr. Ni says she searched high and low to find a lab that would help her develop this new combination supplement. She found Nutria Science in New York.

"They are the only company in the country that checks for the purity of every single ingredient.”

A 30-day supply costs about $30.

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