Spring is oftentimes characterized as being a roller coaster ride because temperatures and weather conditions can fluctuate so much and that's what it will likely be like around here in the next couple of weeks. The long term models are hinting at a few more storms moving through here, so we're not out of the woods just yet. Keep in mind though, the forecast could always change and forecast confidence is way lower after three days. 

Models are also hinting at temperatures staying below average for the end of the month. The GFS model goes out for about two weeks, and while it can give you an idea of what's coming, it is oftentimes a tad too cold and quick in the long term.

Looking three months ahead, the outlook switches to a warmer than average pattern overall and drier too.

So where should we be this time of the year? Well, snow chances go down of course, but keep in mind we could see snow in the Sierra anytime over the course of the year. Precipitation amounts goes down to about a half inch each month and thunderstorms are possible too. Around this time, we can get storms coming from the north or the south. Spring is when basically anything is possible. Oftentimes when storms try to move in, they fall apart in the springtime and are not as organized as they would be in the winter. Sometimes, they can get cut off from the jet stream too. When this happens it's usually very hard to predict rain and snow chances.

If you have an itch to start planting, climate shows our last freeze in Reno is usually around April 27th, but we've had our last freeze towards the end of May before too. 90 degrees is the hottest temperature on record for Reno during the month of April and 32 degrees is the coldest high.