It was a special day for a six year old from Sparks. After battling leukemia, Paul Cody came home to quite a surprise. Make-A-Wish teamed up with the Pennington Foundation to grant Paul's wish of his very own Go-Kart and Nerf gun to battle his nine-year-old brother, Mark, who has a wish of his own. "I wish he wouldn't be sick anymore and wouldn't have leukemia."

Paul’s wish for the toys has helped to keep his spirits up during treatment. Make-A-Wish's Regional Director of Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe, Justine Palacio says while 75% of the wishes granted involve travel, they are all meant to get to the heart of what a child truly wants. Since Paul cannot have a pet T-rex, a Go-Kart topped his list which he shared with wish coordinators at the end of last year.

A child battling a life-threatening illness can choose between something to do, a place to go, something to have or to experience something they would like to be when they grow up. The "wish makers" take it very seriously and Cody’s parents, Jodi and Scott, could not be more grateful. "Oh, it just means a ton to all of us,” says Scott. “Obviously it's been a tough time for him dealing with all this and just to see him smile and happy is an amazing thing."

Here in northern Nevada, wishes are granted every 10 days. Justine says it’s estimated our area has double the number of children who are eligible to have their wishes granted. While the Pennington Foundation has granted 34 of those wishes, many more need to be fulfilled. If you would like to help sponsor a wish or if you know a child who is suffering from a critical illness, you can contact Make-A-Wish at