Interstate 11 is a north/south interstate that will connect Mexico and Canada. It's purpose is to create redundancy in the western region, specifically to relieve traffic on I-5 and I-15. Tuesday NDOT presented residents of Fallon with the four potential corridors for I-11 between Tonopah and I-80, two of which run on either side of Fallon.

Ed Wilson is a Fallon resident and a former truck driver. He believes the eastern-most route, B1, is the most logical for I-11, considering its purpose.

"This would be attractive to Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and some of the Wyoming traffic," Wilson says.

Wilson also likes the idea of increased traffic in the area.

"[Citizens can] open up truck stops and restaurants and other things that will be on the route, and that's putting people to work," Wilson says. "That's not a bad thing."

Elisabeth Garrison is a Fallon resident who isn't sure if she wants I-11 running by Fallon. She agrees that an interstate needs to be built and hopes the right choice is made based on viability rather than economics.

"I don't think it's necessary [to run next to Fallon]," Garrison says. "But everybody wants it running through their town for the money. I don't think that should be considered."

Both Wilson and Garrison agree B4, the western-most route that runs through Reno, doesn't make much sense.

"Say you go the western route on up into Reno," Wilson says. "You already got enough traffic, it's a mess."

"Reno can't even handle traffic going north," Garrison says. "Or east, or west, or south."

Kevin Verre, project manager for NDOT, says the meeting they've had like these across Nevada in recent days has been helpful. It's a part of their preliminary study that Verre says should be complete this summer. Verre says this study helps with an easier transition to the next step in the process, an environmental study review. That review won't be complete for several years, and Verre says NDOT will decide what the next 10-20 years looks like.

"That's not talking about construction," Verre says. "But what are the next steps to further the I-11 within Nevada."

There's a similar meeting in Reno Wednesday March 28 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Grand Sierra Resort in the Crystal Ballroom.