A budget bill passed by the House does not include money for work to develop and build a nuclear waste dump outside Las Vegas.

President Donald Trump has proposed reviving a long-stalled nuclear waste repository at Nevada's Yucca Mountain, 100 miles from Las Vegas. The state's Republican governor and Nevada lawmakers from both parties oppose the plan.

Republican Sen. Dean Heller, who faces a tough re-election this fall, pushed to exclude funding for Yucca from the massive spending bill, as did Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto.

A spokesman for Cortez Masto says she was pleased that Congress "has recognized this boondoggle for what it is." Spokesman Ryan King adds that Cortez Masto "will continue to fight like hell to make sure any efforts to revive Yucca Mountain in Congress are blocked."

Thursday's House vote was 256-167. That shipped the 2,232-page package to the Senate.

Passage there is assured. But some Republican senators upset that the measure spends too much could delay the bill. The question is whether it will be approved before midnight Friday night.

If it isn't, that would force the year's third government shutdown. That would likely be brief, but still embarrass Republicans controlling the White House and Congress.

The bill provides just $1.6 billion to start building pieces of President Trump's wall with Mexico and for other border security steps. But it doesn't temporarily extend protections against deportation for young Dreamer immigrants. (AP) 

Senator Masto released this longer statement: 
“While this legislation appears to provide critical funding to address Nevada’s affordable housing crisis, provide for infrastructure investments, fight the opioid epidemic, boost college affordability programs, invest in Child Care Development Block Grants and authorizes a pay raise to our troops while increasing health care resources for veterans, it is far from perfect. This bill fails to address many other important issues for Nevadans, like putting Dreamers on a pathway to citizenship, stabilizing the health care marketplaces, and authorizing long-term funding for Brand USA. 

“Democrats in Congress fought hard and I’m happy to see that a number of my priorities including funding for rural broadband, Secure Rural Schools, affordable rental housing, critical fire mitigation and prevention for the U.S. Forest Service and crucial Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) funding that strengthens our rural communities will be in this bill. I am also encouraged to see that this bill includes important common sense gun safety measures including Fix NICS and funding for the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to finally start studying and understanding our nation’s epidemic of gun violence.
“I look forward to further reviewing this legislation to determine whether or not it will receive my support.”