For years Saint Mary's Fitness Center has been helping cancer patients get their body back through their Cancer Rehab Program.

The program has patients of all stages, from just starting chemo to being in remission, they hope that this class helps them get to a new normal and help them with their treatments. "We want to avoid any further complications if we can, keep them strong. Exercising moderately through treatment can actually help with treatment side effects," says Cassie Goodman with Saint Mary's Fitness Center.

After treatment and surgeries some patients have trouble doing every tasks, so this fitness class helps them gain that back. Not only is this a workout class for these patients, but it also can become a support group. "It creates a community, we are friends. We welcome anyone that shows up and if you don't show up for a while we worry about you," says Nita Jameson, a breast cancer survivor.

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