Big news coming out of Renown Health and the Desert Research Institute. The popular Healthy Nevada Project, which launched in our area 18 months ago, is expanding! 

The "Population Health Study" partners are teaming up with personal genomics company, Helix for full genomic sequencing to interested Nevadans as part of phase two of the groundbreaking study. Phase two will offer free genetic testing to 40,000 more people in our area. People who participated in the first round can take part in this expanded research, too, if they choose.

Researchers are combining the genetic information with clinical, population and environmental data to analyze public health risks in the silver state. In fact, they have already collected information from the pilot phase with 23andMe which involved 10,000 northern Nevadans. They are prepared to share some of the findings this morning during a special event.

Tune in for our special edition of Channel 2 News after the NCAA Tournament for more on that and how to enroll.