For the past 227 years the US government has been taking stock of its citizens using the Census. This survey of our population is mandated in the Constitution, and it looks like those surveys are making their way to Northern Nevada.

In the age of scams, a few people have contacted the Channel 2 newsroom, saying they're not sure if the letters are real, and if they should share any personal information.

The Census Bureau website says that letters will likely be sent "to the resident of" an address, rather than by name. They might ask residents to fill the survey out on paper, online, over the phone, or in person. It might ask questions about your housing, family, finances, health, transportation, and education.

To check if your survey is legitimate, you can contact Nevada's the Regional Census Office in Los Angeles, at: 1-800-992-3529, or click here.

The Census Bureau might even send a representative to your home. To check if that person is a legitimate Census employee, click here:

And for more general Census information, click here.