What began as an effort to help their daughter with cerebral palsy, has now made a difference for dozens of northern Nevada children with disabilities, and now various marijuana dispensaries and are also supporting the effort.

It all began with Dodge for a Cause, which the Barber family of Reno originally created seven years ago to raise money for their daughter's staggering medical costs. Now, big crowds gather every year for the tournament.

"… and to raise awareness for kids with disabilities, that they're just like anybody else, they have alternate abilities - not disabilities,” says Maria Barber.

11-year-old Lila Barber can now walk - and sing - thanks to intensive treatments.

Six-year-old Lennah Martinez is now in kindergarten and thriving. She's had multiple surgeries and years of therapy since Channel 2 first did a story on her four years ago. Procedures that were made possible because of fundraisers. "We were the beneficiary of Dodge for a Cause, and after that we became co-hosts," says Ashleigh Martinez.

And now the local marijuana industry is helping raise money for the cause. It's an unprecedented move.

Sarah Roseneld, CEO of MMG Agriculture explains."It's multiple grows and multiple production facilities here in northern Nevada all selling products together, working together even though theoretically we're competitors.”

Rosenfeld created the “Buddy Box”, filled with seven different cannabis products (such as edibles, pre-rolls and a disposable vape pen).

It's being sold at various dispensaries in Reno, Sparks and Carson for a discounted price of $60.00 with a minimum of $10.00 of each sale going to Dodge for a Cause. But the marijuana industry's involvement is about more than the money. “Most of the people I know got into this because they either have a child or a brother or a sister or someone really close to them who has some kind of disorder that's really helped by using marijuana," says Rosenfeld.

The money raised will go directly to a northern Nevada child through Dodge for  Cause.

Barber says she’s so grateful for all the community support "and we hope we're able to give a new light to kids and people with disabilities."

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