A proposal to build could bring more than 1,400 new homes to rural Lyon County. The Desert Wells Preserve Development would sit on nearly 500 acres of land in Stagecoach, but not everybody wants to see the growth.

Schaller Development, the lead agency behind the project, says bringing a mixture of high density single family homes, apartments, and a variety of other amenities into this rural area is largely a result of the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center's growth and the expansion of USA Parkway.

"We feel it's important that these valleys support the Governor’s initiative by providing housing at affordable market rates to support those employment centers,” said Susan Pansky, representative with Schaller Development.

In addition to bringing residential and commercial property, the project would also include a 3.4 mile waterline, connecting the Stagecoach general improvement district with the water system in Dayton.

“What that will do is not only provide development water for our project but it'll also enhance the stagecoach improvement district's water as it sits today,” said Pansky.

However, many residents in the area don’t want their rural community to have a more suburban feel.

“I escaped from a community that suffered from this whole thing in years past, which is why I moved to Stagecoach,” said Willis Lamm, Stagecoach resident.

Lamm says he and many of the other Stagecoach residents don’t want to see too much development because they base their lifestyle on having open space around them.

"People ride their ATV's, and ride horse back, and hunt and do all these kind of outdoor things,” said Lamm. “We want to protect what we have."

But decisions won't made by the developer or stagecoach residents, instead the Lyon County Planning Commission will hear comments and concerns on Tuesday in Yerington.

"If I could take that plan and put it in other places in the County it's a perfect operation, I’m just not sure it's a good fit right here,” said Jeff Page, Lyon County Manager. “This is low density out here and they want high density, so is there some way of mixing that to make it work?”