If a wildfire occurred near your home would you know what to do?

The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension held their Annual Nevada Network of Fire Adapted Communities event in hopes to answer that question for some concerned citizens. Officials took lessons learned from the devastating fires in California last year, to be used here in the silver state. Experts provided resources community members need to reduce their wildfire threat, to learn how to be prepared to evacuate when a fire occurs, and to work towards becoming fire adapted, "A fire adapted community is a community that lives in a fire prone area that can survive and have little assistant from fire fighters when a wild fire occurs," said Jamie Roice- Gomes, Manager and Outreach Coordinator for Living with Fire Program.

In order for a community to become fire adapted they need to start with community protection, such as having a fuel break - a strip of land where highly flammable vegetation is removed around the community and a designated safe area. Plus a place where community members can come together and wait out the fire and of course easy access for the community to evacuate easily and first responders to find streets and homes faster.

Making sure you have good defensible space around your home is also important during fire season, you can do this by removing all dead vegetation around your home Officials say getting prepared for fire season now, will help us later in the year, "The more that people do now to enable themselves to better protect their homes, their investment and their loved ones," says Kim Zagaris, Fire and Rescue Chief with California. 

For more information on how to prepare your home and community for fire season you can visit: http://www.livingwithfire.info/