Some disabled veterans never thought they would be able to ski again but thanks to the High Fives Foundation and the Military to Mountain Program they can do just that. Before they hit the slopes they have to finish a nine week training program either in Texas or here in Reno at the Double Diamond Athletic Club. They've completed their training and will be heading up to Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows for some skiing next week. 

After breaking his back in 2014, JIm Kempner is looking forward to skiing again, but for him the journey is just as important. This is his second time being part of the Military to the Mountains Program. 

"The best thing is it makes your mind strong that when they get us on the mountain and they teach us there's nothing we can't do," said Kempner. 
 According to Jim this program is not only a one time experience, but can actually open up other doors for them to do other things. 

"I actually started doing some things like wheel chair games for vets and some other things. I compete here for senior games," added Kempner. 

The training here really helps his range of motion, endurance, and strength.

"They work us out and by the time your done you know when you're done I can go out there and do this I can do that," said Kempner. 

While the exercises might be challenging at first, he says the training is well worth it. One of his favorite parts of the event is getting to know the other veterans. Seth Wakeling enjoys the process as well. Since he lost his leg he's been able to snowboard, but not ski. He says the training has not always been easy, but he's happy to be a part of it. 

"About what I expected. It's been challenging but not too bad," said Wakeling. 

Now that the nine weeks have come to an end, they can look ahead and enjoy the ride. Before they head up to the mountains next week, they'll be meeting up with about fifteen other veterans from Texas this Sunday at 7:45 p.m. at the Reno Tahoe International Airport.