March 8th is International Women's Day, a day that celebrates women and their accomplishments. Including women in science right here in Reno. The Desert Research Institute dedicates their time to research and science. Kristen Averyt is DRI's first female president since it began nearly 60 years ago. 

"It's about time, when I was told I was going to be the first female president of DRI I was quite surprised," said Averyt.

She's humbled to even think about being a role model for young women, but more than anything Kristen Averyt is happy to be a part the team. To her that's what science is all about. 

"The best thing that I get to do on a daily basis is talk to our scientists and then tell their stories. Talk about what they do and sing their praises to everyone," said Averyt. 

From winning a Nobel Peace Prize, to getting her PhD at Stanford, and being a part of the senate, she's accomplished a lot over the years. She got the Nobel Peace Prize with hundreds of other scientist in their effort on getting the word out about climate change back in 2007. 

"The interesting thing is about what I do here is what I did there. It was about supporting other scientists," said Averyt. 

Which brings us to Meghan Collins. A fellow scientist at DRI who looks up to Kristen. 

"It's fantastic to have someone I can identify with in a position of leadership," said Collins. 

They both have a love for science and policy, as well as both of them have studied in New Zealand and love the outdoors. Meghan's role at DRI is to bring science to the community, including at schools. 

"The real power behind what we do is with people and the community so we can communicate to the powerful but really my passion is communicating with everyone," said Collins. 

If you talk to either Kristen or Meghan, you'll notice their love for science right away. Both of them have mentors that they look up to, and have had challenges in the field as well. Their message is something we can all learn from, no matter who you are. When hurdles come your way do not give up and just focus on your work, don't let negativity get you down. 

Besides being president of DRI, Averyt also has her own research she's doing on water.